Is It Time To Buy Crypto Assets?

Ethereum up 33%, S&P down 14%.

Major Buy Point amid COVID-19?

With the Federal Reserve printing over $500B new dollars, are we at a historic buy point for crypto? Here’s a quick peek at the crypto market outlook:

The COVID-19 outbreak has been tough on several fronts, including the economy, and its impact was visible on global equities markets as well as on Bitcoin, which dropped February in March. However, many crypto assets are up in 2020, unlike the S&P 500.

Join us on Thursday, 16th April 10:00 a.m. PDT for a 30-minute webinar to explore:

  • How the unprecedented size of Federal Debt and amount of new dollars being printed will affect inflation
  • How Bitcoin, as a deflationary asset, may react
  • What we expect for May’s “halvening” — when the supply of Bitcoin will be twice as hard to maintain
  • Why Bitcoin has gained less in 2020 than alternative assets like Ethereum and others
  • Benefits of active management in crypto, including interesting investments that BitBull Fund has made


Joe DiPasquale

Joe DiPasquale

CEO, BitBull Capital

Sarah Bergstrand

Sarah Bergstrand

COO, BitBull Capital

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*Disclaimers: Comparison through end-of-day April 8. All #s are approximate. Please note that Bitcoin is a single asset, while our funds invest in multiple assets. Crypto Index refers to Cryptocurrency Index 30 (CCI30). CCI30 data obtained from

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