BitBull and Longer-Term Investments

Our funds have been planting seeds to bloom down the line

Our Fund of Funds aims to invest in the leading equity and token investment funds. Similar to Venture Capital, we believe access to the most competitive deals can create significant alpha. Yet, you can invest in our funds without any lock-up; crypto can be a means of “liquid venture capital.” New, promising blockchain technology companies are continually sourced, especially through what we currently see as the ‘crypto winter’; a buyer’s market for the best deals. Unfortunately, to be fair, we can only give access to the equity or pre-ICO token allocations in these deals to investors who are already in our fund of funds before these investments are made. Sample investments from our funds include

TrustToken invested in at $0.08

Our funds invested in it before Andreessen Horowitz

Was offered by CoinList in pre-ICO price: $0.12, may go to $0.16

Not yet listed, but a heralded project within crypto

Mainframe invested in at $0.006*

Our funds were joined by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood

Peer-to-peer network focused on privacy, encryption, and interoperability

Becoming a platform for secure, decentralized applications


DFINITY is a public, decentralized, serverless cloud infrastructure

Focuses on supporting the next generation of apps and web services

Has pioneered concepts such as Threshold Relay and the Random Beacon


Focuses on protecting identity and data from central authorities

Building a relay chain which can allow public and private blockchains to connect and exchange data in a trust-free manner


Focuses on solving inherent issues with today’s blockchains

Tackles three core problems, scalability, usability and interoperability


Nervos tackles the scalability trilemma faced by blockchains

Building a multi-layered network which separates state generation and state verification/storage functions


Focuses on building community owned gaming economies

First game already in development (Blankos Block Party)

Expected launch in Q2/Q3 2019

Confidential investments

Some deals have been so competitive that funds are not even disclosing them to their LPs

They remain in the ‘side pocket’ and will become more liquid and announced at later investment rounds

Additional Investments


Performance information is provided for informational purposes only. Past performance of the management team is not necessarily indicative of future results, and there can be no assurance that any projections, targets or estimates of future performance will be realized. Actual performance of the Fund may vary substantially from the performance provided on this Website. An investor may lose all or a substantial part of its investment in the Fund. Careful consideration should be given to any performance data provided herein. Fund returns are calculated net of expenses. Investments are subject to fees that includes the management fee, custody charges for holding the fund’s assets charged by the custodian, and customary fees and expenses of the fund administrator and auditor.

The performance of the Fund will be reduced by any and all applicable fees or expenses charged to and by the Fund, which could be more than the fees and expenses incurred with respect to investments held by the Manager. Performance returns of the Fund may be materially less than that of the Manager.


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