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Active management can outperform an index


Give No Exposure To Pre-ICO's

Mirror The Volatility Of Crypto

Buy And Sell Monthly

Track The Market

Attempts to replicate market returns, often using a formula to purchase assets







Hedge Fund

Incorporate ICO's as a Strategy

May Revert To Cash Any Time

Aim to Reduce Volatility

Buy And Sell Freely

Aim to Outperform the Market

Various strategies often aiming to perform well regardless of market conditions.

BitBull’s Diversified Active Strategies

BitBull Capital provides access to vetted funds, managers and strategies

Directional Strategies

Exclusive and early access ICO’s

Qualitative – Fundamental

Infrastructure – Protocols

Trading – Catalyst-driven

Market Neutral Strategies

Systematic – Quantitative


Institutional-Grade Due Diligence

Our multi-faceted vetting process identifies the best funds

Diversified Active Crypto Hedge Fund Strategies

Arbitrage – ICOs – Event-driven – Quantitative – Protocol-focused

Secure And Transparent

Custodied assets – Annual tax form – Monthly NAV Statements – Monthly Investor Calls

Research and Thought Leadership

BitBull’s “Bull’s Eye View” presents our research and market outlook from our position at the center of crypto investing.

Proprietary Deal Flow

We source opportunistic deals for ourselves and our investors from our unique knowledge of the strategies, returns and deals of the 350+ crypto hedge funds

Compliant and Audited

External reviews by legal and auditors. Tax and IRS compliance are simplified. Investors receive an annual K1.


BitBull conducts extensive research into crypto markets covering coins, tokens, funds, managers, regulations and strategies

Selecting a Crypto Hedge Fund

Identifying meaningful investment opportunities in the crypto space is getting more challenging. With 450+ hedge funds now dedicated to crypto investment, how do you know who will be a trustworthy steward, and who…

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The Perennial Dip

There are a number of factors that could be contributing to this perennial cycle of volatility. Here are a few:

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The BitBull Capital team comprises professionals from backgrounds bridging software expertise and decades of experience in asset management.

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Joe DiPasquale


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Sarah Bergstrand


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Miko Matsumura

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Constantin Kogan


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Jon Quinn

Investment Consultant

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Kindley Simpson

Human Resources Manager

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