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August 2023 BitBull Capital

BitBull Fund

Fund of funds that invests in actively-managed crypto hedge funds.



We provided our investors with equity in Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange, at a $1.5B valuation. As a Silicon Valley “unicorn,” it may IPO in the next couple of years. This deal was sought after and not available to many. Coinbase’s most recent round was at a post-money valuation of $8 billion in October 2018.


Our funds invested at about a $280M valuation in 2017. Founded by an Ethereum founder, Polkadot is building a relay chain which allows public and private blockchains to connect and exchange data. Most recent round is at $1.2B in 2019 (4.3x).

Market-Neutral Strategies

Unlike an index, hedge funds can aim to profit off of market inefficiencies, regardless of whether the underlying asset is going up or down. Examples of market-neutral strategies are arbitrage, market-making, long/short, and volatility-weighted positions.


Investor-only Opportunistic
Deal Memo


since 2013


Access to Funds
With $1Million


Diligence on
100s of Crypto

Active management can outperform an index


Give No Exposure To Pre-ICO’s
Mirror The Volatility Of Crypto
Buy And Sell Monthly
Track The Market
Attempts to replicate market returns, often using a formula to purchase assets







Hedge Fund

Incorporate ICO’s as a Strategy
May Revert To Cash Any Time
Aim to Reduce Volatility
Buy And Sell Freely
Aim to Outperform the Market
Various strategies often aiming to perform well regardless of market conditions.

Crypto Fund Investors

High-net-worth individuals

Nearly 30% of high net worth individuals are very interested in crypto and we continue to help them get exposure to space.

Family offices

Family offices with significant assetsboth SFOs and MFOsseek diversification and turn to us for help adding cryptocurrency investments to their portfolios.

Angel Groups/Angel Investors

Angel investors are continually looking for early opportunities in rapidly growing sectors and we help them identify and invest in early-stage crypto ventures with disruptive potential.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists trying to balance their investment portfolios are increasingly taking interest in high-quality crypto and blockchain ventures with long-term feasibility.

Private Banks/Wealth Managers

We are helping private wealth managers and banks with significant assets under management understand and include cryptocurrencies in their portfolios.

Global Investors

Through our BVI entity, several non-US investorsfor example, from Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, and Latin Americaturn to us for safe, secure and reliable management of their crypto assets and investments.

Institutional investors

Following the lead of some of the biggest university endowments and pension funds, an increasing number of small and medium bodies are interested in exposure to crypto.

RIAs and Money Managers

Due to mounting client demand, investment advisors and money managers are turning to BitBull to help diversify client portfolios.

BitBull’s Diversified Active Strategies
BitBull Capital provides access to vetted funds, managers and strategies
Our Team & Advisors
The BitBull Capital team comprises professionals from backgrounds bridging software expertise and decades of experience in asset management.
Joe DiPasquale

Joe DiPasquale


Sarah Bergstrand

Sarah Bergstrand


Miko Matsumura

Miko Matsumura

Venture Partner

Constantin Kogan

Constantin Kogan


Jon Quinn

Jon Quinn

Investor Relations

Lindsay Joo

Lindsay Joo


Kindley Simpson

Kindley Simpson

Human Resources Manager

BitBull conducts extensive research into crypto markets covering coins, tokens, funds, managers, regulations and strategies

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