December 21st 2018

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Over this past weekend Bitcoin fell to about $3,200, its lowest price in 14 months. Many asked us why, and whether we believe it’s at a buy point. We’ve used this as a catalyst for our first issue of BitBull Capital’s ‘Crypto Investing’.

Below are links to curated research and news, including our own whitepaper about Bitcoin at Major Buy Point, articles on Stablecoins, and the current strong Bitcoin sentiment.

We’ll continue to curate Crypto Investing news and knowledge for you. As always, if you’d like to discuss crypto investing or the reasons for large price movements this week, don’t hesitate to schedule a chat. 

The SEC reiterates their stance on crypto

Stablecoin project Basis is shutting down

Crypto’s Terrible Year Was Actually Pretty Good

People tend to overlook what happens after a crash. 2018 saw verified individual users double from 17 million to 35 million.


 Bitcoin At Major Buy Point

Bitcoin is now at a major buy point, and the best price it’s been in 14 months. If you missed Cyber Monday, Bitcoin is still on sale




Bear markets are good because they clear the malinvestments of the bull market. Here are few tips on getting through a Bear Market.


The G20 said that it intends to help crypto create an open and resilient financial system and emphasized that it is “crucial to support sustainable growth.” Read the full G20 declaration

  Tweets of the Week

Global debt is now over $184trillion. That is 225% of global GDP and $86,000 per person.

Bitcoin isn’t the bubble, its the pin. Link

  Tweets of the Week

From our “Bitcoin at Major Buy Point” research: over 10 years, Bitcoin’s median annual return has been 181%. Its average annual return? 993%. Link

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