January 10th 2019

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Happy New Year! Bitcoin completed another year, with its most bearish return since inception 10 years ago. Yet even with its decline in value, Bitcoin has returned an average of 993% annually since inception.

We’ve put together a spreadsheet and analysis that we use for our Fund of Funds to compare individual Crypto Funds returns against. Clear crypto data can be hard to get, so we’re sharing it so that you can also benefit. Here’s our cheat sheet and commentary on crypto’s performance over 2018.


Meanwhile, if you missed out on crypto updates – below is our selection of the most important news and developments.

Bitcoin at 10: Untold Stories

What is the first thing you do when you hear about Bitcoin? The story of bitcoin’s first decade told by the people who lived it.

 Japan explores crypto ETFs after snubbing features

Currently gauging industry interest in ETFs tracking digital currencies, Japan may approve exchange-traded funds that track the asset class.

News   via Bloomberg


 Upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork Already Backed by 19 Exchanges Worldwide

People tend to overlook what happens after a crash. 2018 saw verified individual users double from 17 million to 35 million.

 Trend   via Coinspeaker


Crypto’s 2018 In Review: BitBull Capital’s Insights Behind The Numbers

The dynamics behind Bitcoin’s influence on the market are multi-layered. Is it a better cryptocurrency to hold?

Report   via BitBull Capital


Strategy   via Weiss Ratings

Based on the Weiss Rating’s cycles model and ratings model, the company has released a list of crypto predictions for 2019 and beyond.

Strategy   via Longhash

The Winklevoss Twins (the world’s first “Bitcoin billionaires”) expressed their belief that Bitcoin could overtake gold’s place in the market.

Tweets of the Week

According to Twitter’s “Whale Alert”, which tracks movements of large players on the blockchain, Ripple moved $755 million in XRP in 4 seconds, for a cost of less than 1 cent. More here.

  Tweets of the Week

From our “Bitcoin at Major Buy Point” research: over 10 years, Bitcoin’s median annual return has been 181%. Its average annual return? 993%. Link

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Joe DiPasquale – CEO at BitBull Capital

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