February 8th 2019


Hi again,

This week, we announced the BitBull Opportunistic Fund. Our press release talks more about the strategies we employ; it’s returned +29% since its inception in November, versus Bitcoin at -41%, a 70% difference.

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of crypto developments, from Facebook to Fidelity. Here are some recent noteworthy stories:

The Year In Ethereum

The most important Ethereum developments — the things that we’ll say mattered, 10 years out.


Facebook Crypto Project Acquires Blockchain Startup Specializing in Smart Contracts

It will likely take the form of a fiat-backed “stablecoin” integrated into chat platform WhatsApp.

 MIT, Stanford Academics Design Cryptocurrency to Better Bitcoin

Some of the brightest minds are pooling their brain power to create a cryptocurrency that’s designed to process thousands of transactions a second.

  Future   via Bloomberg


Blockchain Project Polkadot Plans Second Token Sale to Raise $60 Million

The startup’s latest token fundraising effort would bring the value of all its tokens to $1.2 billion.

Report   via Coindesk



72-year-old financial services giant, Fidelity launching Its Crypto Custody Business, is seen as another step towards the wider acceptance of cryptocurrency as an investment class.

 Tweets of the Week

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has again expressed his pro-Bitcoin stance –

I only have bitcoin – Link

Tweets of the Week

Venezuela just tried to withdraw $1.2 billion of their own gold out of the Bank of England.

They were denied this request by the bank.

If you don’t think uncensorable, unseizable money is going to become the standard, you’re absolutely nuts.

Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers! Link

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