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BitBull Capital has managed cryptocurrency hedge funds since 2017. We started the world’s first crypto funds of funds and provide investment opportunities for individual and institutional investors. We make it our job to know the best-performing active management strategies and deals. We leverage this unique perspective for our investors by now investing through the funds directly in what we believe are the most compelling opportunities

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Fund of funds

Minimum: $ 100,000

Liquidity: Quarterly with 95 days notice

The first crypto fund of funds, with a track record of over 6 years

Has invested in 10 funds, and consistently does diligence on new funds and rebalances among existing funds to ensure our investors are in the managers, strategies, and deals that we believe will perform the best

History of beating Bitcoin; 2021 returns through November are 200% (106% higher than BTC)


Joe DiPasquale, CEO of BitBull Capital, has 6 years of experience in investment management, investment banking, and technology.He completed his BA at Harvard University and MBA at Stanford University.



WeightingMostly Long; some Market-Neutral
AssetsPublic & private crypto assets, pre-ICOs, & equity, including in blockchain companies
ReturnsAvailable via call
International investorsYes
Domicile of fundUS or BVI
Accredited statusMust be accredited
Quarterly investor callYes
Opportunistic deal memosYes
RedemptionsQuarterly, 95 day notice
Minimum investment$100,000
Hurdle10% hurdle***


BitBull’s Fund of Funds (BitBull Fund) inception was Nov 2017. Performance figures are unaudited and gross before performance fees. Past
performance does not guarantee future results. All #s are approximate.
*International investors can still invest through our US fund
** Optional side-letter provides no-lock up with performance crystallized quarterly
*** 0% performance fees if we do not provide a return of 10% or more per year (or 2.5% per quarter)


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