Yale’s nearly $30 billion endowment, led by prominent investor David Swensen, is second only to Harvard’s (around $38 billion), and it has decided to invest in cryptocurrencies. This sends a loud and clear message for investors still on the fence about digital assets.

Earlier this month, news broke that Swenson allocated endowment funds into Paradigm, a $400 million cryptocurrency hedge fund founded by Fred Ehrsam (Coinbase), Matt Huang (Sequoia Capital) and Charles Noyes (Pantera Capital).

Yale’s investment amount has not been revealed, but we know that almost 60% of the endowment is dedicated to alternative investments. This vote of confidence in Paradigm from Swensen is major news that is likely to influence other endowments.

Moreover, under David Swensen’s management, Yale’s endowment has outperformed all other university endowments, and this move shows that crypto is the next frontier institutional investors seek to conquer.

Sources have also revealed that other university endowments, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Dartmouth and the University of North Carolina have also invested in at least one crypto fund, and Yale’s big move is very likely to encourage increased exposure.

We at BitBull Capital predicted such a move back in January 2018 in a comment to Bloomberg TV, and it is inevitable that other endowments will now want in on crypto; Harvard and MIT announced similar crypto entries shortly after this announcement. This development is likely to kick-start the kind of crypto boom we saw last year, only this time, we expect capital inflows to be much greater. That said, it is still a great time for retail investors to invest in cryptos before more institutions catch on.

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