Through our BVI entity, several non-US investors—for example, from Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America—turn to us for safe, secure and reliable management of their crypto assets and investments.

Our fund manages crypto asset portfolios for high net-worth individuals, family offices and mutual funds (after KYC processing) from around the world and provides much-needed diversification, particularly since crypto markets and traditional equity markets share no correlation.

BitBull Capital manages cryptocurrency hedge funds, including BitBull Fund, a crypto fund of funds, and BitBull Opportunistic Fund, which directly invests in opportunistic investments.

Institutional-Grade Due Diligence

Our multi-faceted vetting process identifies the best funds

Diversified Active Crypto Hedge Fund Strategies

Arbitrage – ICOs – Event-driven – Quantitative – Protocol-focused

Secure And Transparent

Custodied assets – Annual tax form – Monthly NAV Statements – Monthly Investor Calls

Research and Thought Leadership

BitBull’s “Bull’s Eye View” presents our research and market outlook from our position at the center of crypto investing.

Proprietary Deal Flow

We source opportunistic deals for ourselves and our investors from our unique knowledge of the strategies, returns and deals of the 600+ crypto hedge funds

Compliant and Audited

External reviews by legal and auditors. Tax and IRS compliance are simplified. Investors receive an annual K1.

Joe DiPasquale, CEO of Bitbull Capital, shares thoughts with Jill Malandrino on the recent market volatility — and how hedge funds profit from it — on NASDAQ trade talks.

Joe DiPasquale discusses factors that influenced the price drop in Bitcoin and crypto in general on Bloomberg.

Our Fund of Funds aims to invest in the leading equity and token investment funds. Similar to Venture Capital, we believe access to the most competitive deals can create significant alpha. Yet, you can invest in our funds without any lock-up; crypto can be a means of “liquid venture capital.”

Our active involvement and relationships in the space open us up to amazing early-stage opportunities which our members get to benefit from. 

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Offshore Counsel


Regulatory Counsel

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Does BitBull accept non-US investors?
Yes.  Our offshore vehicle in the BVI is currently accepting non-US investors
What is an Accredited Investor?
BitBull accepts investments from Accredited Investors.  An “Accredited Investor” is a status that individuals and entities qualify for if they meet criteria defined by the SEC (SEC bulletin here). It’s not something you apply for. There are several criteria. The most common criteria for individuals are if you made over $200,000 in the last two calendar years (or $300,000 with your spouse), or if you have greater than $1,000,000 in net worth, excluding your primary residence. For entities, common criteria are having total assets in excess of $5 million or if all of the equity owners are accredited investors.
Can I invest through an IRA?
Yes.  We are currently accepting investments from self-directed IRAs.  Contact us for information on investing through an IRA.
How can I see the performance of my investment?
Investors in the fund receive a monthly email statement from our fund administrator that includes details of their capital account and investment returns.  BitBull also conducts monthly investor web calls.
How do I make an additional investment, after I’ve already made an initial one?
You need to fill and sign an Additional Subscription Agreement.  Additional allocations can be made anytime in amounts of $10,000 or more.
Do you accept in-kind (e.g. investments in bitcoin instead of dollars)?
While we can accept allocations denominated in crypto at no extra fee, there are additional reporting requirements. In addition to the standard subscription and anti-money laundering documents, we require a copy of the original exchange (e.g. coinbase, gemini) transaction showing the token purchase price and amount purchased, as well as a corresponding bank statement verifying the transaction.  This may add to the time required to complete an allocation.

Performance information is provided for informational purposes only. Past performance of the management team is not necessarily indicative of future results, and there can be no assurance that any projections, targets or estimates of future performance will be realized. Actual performance of the Fund may vary substantially from the performance provided on this Website. An investor may lose all or a substantial part of its investment in the Fund. Careful consideration should be given to any performance data provided herein. Fund returns are calculated net of expenses. Investments are subject to fees that includes the management fee, custody charges for holding the fund’s assets charged by the custodian, and customary fees and expenses of the fund administrator and auditor.

The performance of the Fund will be reduced by any and all applicable fees or expenses charged to and by the Fund, which could be more than the fees and expenses incurred with respect to investments held by the Manager. Performance returns of the Fund may be materially less than that of the Manager.


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